How to create your Story!

At Cyango we help you create your story from scratch.
It’s fun and easy too, so let’s get to work!

We start with a 360 Camera.

The 360 camera captures everything! Up down left right front and behind.
If you are new to 360 cameras there are some basic tips and tricks you can use in order to avoid problems in the post-production phase.

In this case, we use the Insta 360 one R.

*Never position the subject matter/person on the stitching lines.
(always face in front of a lens)                                                                     
*Use an external audio microphone to boost your production value.
( There are two options: there is an Insta360 USB Type C to 3.5mm mic adapter, or you can use Airpods or other Bluetooth headsets as a wireless microphone)

Insta360 has full in-depth video tutorials on how to use the camera and app

To Quick Start your learning curve we suggest you watch the video below provided by Mic Ty from 360 Rumors.


Pre Production

In this phase of the production, you want to find out what your needs and requirements are.
Create the foundation for your video production by answering the following questions when starting the project:

  • What is the goal of the video?
  • How does the video relate to the company’s strategy?
  • Who is the target audience?

If you have full creative freedom:
Do some research on the company or project and get your imagination going! 

In this tutorial, we use a tourism company that provides guided private tours
‘’Our mission is to maximize your travel experience, with authenticity, personalization, and flexibility being the structuring principles’’

This is also the time when you can start thinking about the budget.
It is all depending on your clients’ needs and what you want to deliver for them.

The workflow and post-production is very different from an Insta 360 one R to an Insta Pro 2.
A little hint for the Creators. Editing 8K footage will be possible in our cloud editor in the near future!

Editing with the One R can be easily done from your home computer or even phone.
Cyango does a lot of work for you, and you can decrease your costs immensely in regards to traditional software solutions.

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*If you have any questions regarding your project or you need if you need help with equipment/production we are here to help!

Script Writing

When you have an idea of what your client wants or already spoke about the project you can start writing a script.
When you write your script, visualize what you want to show. And use your knowledge from Pre Production to get your creative spirit pumping!
You can go minimal or maximal with your ideas, it is all in your hands.

Every project/business has its own unique story to tell. Start writing down a scenario that you believe would be interesting to hear about.
And also think from the perspective of the camera as a person. This will help you later in creating your storyboard and shot planning.

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Now we have set up our script Project Management and Production list.
We can start creating a Storyboard and plan our shots.
After this process, you will have a clear understanding of how your production will look like. Working with 360 has its own challenges.
After creating the storyboard, plan your shots.
Your camera captures everything around so be careful how you plan your shots.
Keep in mind that your audience is mostly looking forward and not looking at the back of the camera’s eyes.

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You are almost there!
But what is a call sheet and why is it so important?!

A call sheet is a vital production document that contains all the information 

you need for your film or photoshoot. If it’s detailed and well written, you’re destined for success. If it’s missing crucial ingredients, then you’re going to have a problem.

For info about call sheets here:

We are now almost at the end of the first part of our tutorial and you can begin shooting!

We include the production of Your Tours for your study and get a feeling of how a production can look like.
Everyone has their own way of working, and we believe by following the guidelines from experts in the fields of video production and simplifying the workflow, and speeding up the learning curve, everyone can make great content.

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