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Immersive Storytelling for Marketing 🚀

Every business has a purpose, and everyone needs marketing content. Show your audience what you do, how you do it, and where you do it. Generate more engagement and more leads to your business through this brand new way of communication.

Meet Cyango Cloud Studio 😊

A simple and strong builder.

You can easily create your storytelling virtual tours in a simple and straight-forward way. Drag and drop elements into the 3D space, create, edit and organize the scenes on your timeline. Manage all the permissions from your workspace and more.

All Virtual Tour features + Storytelling.

Don’t miss the basic features and tools of a virtual tour builder. You can place Hotspots, Modals, 3D objects and animations. Plus storytelling tools like video editing, event triggers on specific times of the story and more!

Interactive Story Timelines.

Use different story timelines according to your business. Organize each scene on a interactive timeline. If you have a story that has several spots of a place, you can use a Interactive Story Map Timeline.

The power of 3D.

Import 3D models to your story and use them as a helper to your viewer and share more value by adding annotations, animations or interactive information.

Direct Sales.

Storytelling Virtual Tours are more than an experience, they are a way to create a bound between the costumer and the brand. You can integrate your products/services on the virtual tour and create any kind of promotion and sales.

Compatible and Shareable.

The Virtual Tour you create on Cyango Cloud Studio will be compatible with the majority of smartphones, tables, computers, smart tv’s and VR glasses. And you can share and embed the tour everywhere.

Testimonials 🥰


Leading brands are using immersive technologies.


Consumers remember brands that regularly engage them with immersive technologies.


Consumers would pay more for a product if they could customize it using immersive technologies.

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We answer your questions 🧐

Simple! We provide you some guidelines tips and tricks in order to help you to create your story. You can get started using our Cyango’s 30-day free trial account. You can also read and watch our free tutorial videos, that allow you to be creative and use Cyango’s free storyboard templates to give life to your story.

To record your story you have different options. You can buy or use your own 360 camera to record it, or even do it using your cellphone to shoot a panoramic image.

Now you should go to Cyango Cloud Studio and upload your recordings there, and start building your story with interactive hotspots and lots of other features. Take a look at our Cyango Cloud Studio tutorials

Cyango Cloud Studio generates your story accessible by web URL, which makes it really easy to embed into your website and share it on all social media. You can also generate a QR Code to access it.

You can take a look at our recommendations or blog articles. Our tips will help you to create your story.

Yes! With Cyango, you can sell your products from your e-commerce shop or your services in an easy way.

Yes, but if you follow the steps of creating an interactive story you will likely be more successful with your content.

You can sell stories as a service, and by that we mean you can start being a creator and you can start selling stories to other businesses, for the price you want.

Yes, in Cyango we have a template specially designed for real estate. That can give you the ability to show real estate properties in a Storytelling way.

Don’t worry, we will help you! Please, contact us by sending an email with your questions. As soon as possible we will provide you all the information that you need.

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